Annual Charity Duck Race

Duck Race at Poldhu for Children's Hospice Southwest

It’s our 10th year of holding our annual Easter Day Duck Race ��

There will be a cake stall and tombola and other activities through the morning and then at 2pm we start the races.

You can Sponsor your ducks at Poldhu Beach cafe from now until Easter Day. We recommended you sponsor them ASAP, or turn up early as we always sell out and have to cap it at 1500. It’s is only £1 per duck ��

We race 150 ducks at a time down the river on the beach, 1 winner from each race will win a Giant Easter egg from Trenance chocolate factory and some Poldhu merchandise. We catch the ducks after each race and then race all of the ducks at the end for the ‘losers’ race, where an even bigger egg is up for grabs.

It’s a fun, simple day that helps raise a lot of money for children’s Hospice Southwest ��

We also encourage children to stick on some wellies and join the giant duck and friends at the finish line at the end of the last race. This is to catch all the ducks before they reach the sea. We catch them all successfully every year and the kids love being involved in this. Last year we successfully caught all 1500!!!! ������

Hope to see you on Easter Day ��

(On a personal note from Natalie) - a lot of preparation and hard work goes into this day, and it raises a lot of money. I understand a lot more people have started having an issue with us using plastic ducks, but we reuse every year and have never let one escape to sea, so please keep your negative comments away from this page. We clean the beach regularly and are advocates for trying to be  plastic free but this is no different to children playing with plastic toys on the beach and then taking them home, so please give us a bit of a break and enjoy the day with us xxx