Welcome to Helston's first ever Live Stream of Flora Day. Click on any of the cameras below to watch a live stream of Coinagehall Street. These cameras will be live streaming from Friday 2nd May to Friday 9th May to allow people around the world to see the build up to our historic Flora Day!

If you would like to find out more about Flora Day and it's origins, please go to the Helston Flora Day Association website. 

Cameras kindly sponsored by Wendy Radford-Gaby and Philip Radford of Negys Anytime Booking, technical support by Steve Hole of 3HW Architecture & Design and some helping hands from Roger Clotworthy, local resident, to create the brackets for the cameras.

This year is a test run and if successful we would look to extend the camera range to cover other areas around Helston.  If you would like to support this project in future years, please contact info@visithelston.com.