Epworth Hall

This Grade II listed building offers a fantastic community space for a wide variety of events.

Hosting sports clubs, theatre, performing arts and commercial activities, Epworth Hall was originally a Wesleyan meeting house, built in 1798. It retained a mix of sacred and secular duties until 1888 when a new Chapel was built. In 1988 the ceiling of the ‘new’ Chapel was declared unsafe and the Epworth Hall was used until 1994 when it closed.

In 1998 a project to develop the historic Grade II Epworth Hall, leaving the exterior unchanged, but refurbishing it inside for theatre, sport, art and commercial activities for the benefit of local people began.

The restoration project is on-going and the hall is still improving year on year. If you’re looking for affordable, inclusive community space for a one-off event or a regular class, why not try Epworth Hall?